Data management software

erwin is the most trusted name in data modeling, and we’ve expanded our solutions to provide the only unified data management platform that also includes enterprise architecture, business process modeling, data governance and collaboration. Our products work in tandem to help you discover your data and use it across silos to generate the desired outcomes. Becoming such a data-driven enterprise helps you make the best decisions in response to what’s happening inside the company, around the marketplace and with customers. Data is the foundation of the digital world and key to organizational transformation that leads to competitive advantage, growth and innovation. This means you need data management; you need erwin.

Wherever you are on the digital transformation spectrum and whatever technologies you currently use, let us guide you in discovering your whole data story. Because organizations driven by fact-based insights are more productive, compliant and profitable.

Building a Strong, Yet Agile Foundation for Digital Transformation

The industry-leading data modeling solution with visual design and documentation capabilities for any data from anywhere across an organization

A complete set of on-premise enterprise architecture tools that is highly customizable for integration into the customer environment

A full-featured, cloud-based set of enterprise architecture tools using industry platforms, such as TOGAF® and ArchiMate® 3.0, out of the box

Business process modeling software for visualizing system interactions, business processes and organizational hierarchies for alignment with business objectives

Combines erwin Data Modeler and erwin Enterprise Architecture in a single, bundled, SaaS solution

A simple, customizable, Web-based interface that provides both business and technical users access to models and metadata stored within erwin Data Modeler

A model-driven, active platform for collaboration between both technical and business users to support data governance programs

By registering for a software trial, you’ll be able to download a version of the software and take it for a free spin. If you’d prefer a more comprehensive, one-on-one walk-through of a particular solution, an erwin sales executive will be in touch after you complete the Request Demo form.

erwin in Action

Of the modeling tools I’ve been exposed to, erwin has always been my favorite. It is the most intuitive to grasp and users become proficient at a basic level very quickly.

Mike Matthews, BI Enterprise Architect